Ulf Ivarsson and Bill Laswell 

in collaboration for an upcoming album.

Finally, after years of discussions and on how, what and in what way, it is now official and confirmed: Ulf Ivarsson and the legendary bassist and producer Bill Laswell will collaborate together on an album in the summer of 2020.

Ulf Ivarsson & Bill Laswell: 2 bass players, 2 visions, Music with no boundaries. no predictability. Don’t look back, look forward.

Pandemic times, lockdown times,scary times, creative times, spontaneous times, digital times..be positive, believe in your art… try to do something that stands out for yourself, be true to yourself and have courage. We have limited time.

The Ulf Ivarsson/Bill Laswell project is supported by  the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international recording collaboration residency.


Ulf Ivarsson & Bill Laswell

Photo: Anders Sundin

Ulf Ivarsson, bass player and producer (Thåström, Sivert Hoyem, Andrea Schroeder, Solen, En svensk tiger,Thea Gilmore Hedningarna, Dileva, Nicolai Dunger,Andreas Tilliander, Magnus Stinnerbom & Västanå Orchestra, Madhouse,Paatos, Sky High) released his solo bass album ”lower zone” thru Lamour Records in February 2020 and the album has received a lot of attention in international music press. 

Photo: Toshiya Suzuki

Bill Laswell has been active as a bass player and producer in most genres, from free jazz, death metal to Hip hop, ambient, world music, dub and electronic music.

He is one of the most innovative bassists and producers of the 20th century.

Bill Laswell has worked with: Material, Brian Eno, Herbie Hancock, Africa Bambaataa, Public image ltd , Sly & Robbie, Motorhead, Zakir Hussain,Iggy pop ,,Sonny Sharrock, John Zorn The master musician of Jajouka, Pharoah Sanders, Lee scratch perry, Jah Wobble, Last poets,Ramones, Peter Brötzmann ,Mick Jagger, Yoko Ono, Fela Kuti, Yellowman , Peter Gabriel ,Alex Haas, Pete Namlook , Laurie Andersson, Nona.Hendryx, Ginger Baker, Tony Williams, Swans, Miles Davis and many many more.


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